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Laser Checks - 3 Per Page
Laser Checks - 3 Per Page
Computer Checks - Top - 1003
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    This popular voucher style top laser check includes one check
    and two vouchers per sheet and is perfect for use with Quickbooks
    and Quicken software. The Quickbooks & Quicken - Top
    Check is ideal for both payroll and general disbursement. Your
    company name and sequential numbering are standard on all
    sections of the Quickbooks Quicken.

    *If your prefer not to have lines on your voucher checks please
    check the correct box when ordering.


    1. Copier "Void" Feature
    Checks contain multiple pantograph check designs on the check, signature area and amount line that include an intricate security design feature which produces a series of VOIDs if the checks are processed through a single or a full color copier. The multiple pantographs produce the VOIDs through various settings on the copier.

    2. Signature Area & Amount Line
    The signature area and amount line are printed with different pantograph backgrounds from the check. This patented use of multiple pantograph designs produces VOIDs through various density settings on the copier. The signature area also has a warning clause indicating that the signature has a colored background.

    3. Micro Printing
    The line borders on the check and the endorsement are micro printed with SAFE CHECK, and can only be seen when magnified. This security feature is also used on United States Currency.

    4. ABA Check Endorsement Clause
    A security seal & fingerprint are printed in a heat sensitive ink in the endorsement clause on the back of the check. A warning clause is also included that notifies the cashing party that the face of the check is colored and that breathing or rubbing the fingerprint and/or seal will allow the heat sensitive ink to disappear. It also notifies the cashing party how the watermark appears.

    5. Watermark Certification Seal
    An EPA approved watermark certification seal & fingerprint that cannot be photocopied are on the back of every check with appropriate warning clauses printed on the front and back of the check. The watermark(s) also certifies that the paper meets all specifications for laser check printing.

    6. Fluorescent Fibers
    Artificial yellow fluorescent fibers on the back will intensify under black light.